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VisionBridge is a boutique consulting business specializing in a personalized and fresh approach for organizations looking to execute on a mission to deliver  medical and commercial fitness models with an emphasis on  wellness programming, and preventive health strategies to their clients and customers. 

Our Story

Bridging the Gap Between Commercial Fitness & Wellness

For over 20 years, VisionBridge has been working with clients to develop and build solutions for healthcare systems, residential communities, and commercial health clubs to execute on a mission and vision to offer premium wellness and fitness experiences that deliver true business value and extend customer lifetime value

Our Team

Seeing our clients succeed in executing initiatives that are truly transformational for the business is what motivates and drives our team every day.

Daniel Lynch


Frank Ancharski

Operations Specialist

Michael Dupuis

Medical Relations

Merideth Harrington

Marketing Specialist

Steve Black

Clinical & Physical Therapy Specialist

What We Do

A proven, phased approach to project management

VisionBridge follows proven methodologies to develop and execute a project plan to help you bring your mission and vision to life. This process provides an integrated framework for project organization, planning, control, and development. We are laser focussed on delivering an outcome that is cost-efficient and maintains superior standards of quality resulting in secure and safe investments for our partners.

Phase 1

If you build it, they may not come. VisionBridge provides Market Feasibility studies to ensure success OR save you from making a big investment when the market isn’t strong enough. Our process takes approximately 3 months culminating in our recommendation and 3 Year financial projections.

Phase 2

We bring seasoned expertise to energize our client’s Vision & Mission. Included in our portfolio of services are architecture, construction, financing, technology, equipment selection, medical integration and staffing.

Phase 3

Initial success is defined by the six months before a Grand Opening. Choosing the right pre-sale environment and a sophisticated and knowledgeable sales team gets members in the door. We'll coach your team on the sales and marketing tactics needed to hit pre-opening member acquisition targets while managing the operational and financial controls against established budgets.

Phase 4

Our goal is to get you self-sufficient and running your facility without expensive ongoing management fees. We’re there when you need us and go away when you don’t.

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